How to optimize your Photoshop PSD Files


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    How to optimize your Photoshop PSD Files

    in this video I showed how to optimized your PSD files, this workflow really helps you manage your files and keep it small and easy to upload, this may vary on case to case basis , depending on your projects but in the video is some of the tips and tricks to accomplish small file size of your psd, here is a quick rundown of the things you need to check when optimizing your PSD files,

    1. Hidden files you can remove the hidden files that you don’t need
    2. removing the smart objects of the layers that don’t need the smart object capability
    3. merging layer style if necessary
    4. grouping all the layers properly
    5. rasterizing other layers to shrink down the file size
    6. use layer style wisely
    7. keep vector object/shapes intact as vector
    8. checking the resolution of your psd
    9. combining some layers if necessary
    10. hiding the whole layers once your project is finalize when saving

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