How to make SP_Flashing Tool Compatible with Windows 8 (Unsigned Driver)


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    How to make SP_Flashing Tool Compatible with Windows 8 (Unsigned Driver)

    So, a couple of weeks ago nag switch na ako into windows 8 , because I was confident that 90% of the tools that I am using is now compatible with this version of windows , but as you may all know that I usually do some rooting, and other tweaking stuff on my phone.

    and upon tweaking my cherry mobile phone napansin ko na yung driver ng SP_Tool is not compatible with the Windows 8 version so what I did is search online for some fix but apparently I failed to find any tutorial on how to do it, but the good news is upon reading forums may nabasa ako na isang comment kung paano nyo napagana yung sp_tool sa windows 8 and just used the word “UNSIGNED DRIVER” so I googled it and found out na windows 8 as a default do not install drivers that are no Signed or let me say Officially registered as a Windows Driver.

    so here is the quick process on how to make your SP_tool flashing software (mtk) worked on Windows 8

    first is hover to your bottom right corner of the screen para lumabas yung widgets menu

    and then click it to para mag open yung bagong menu

    you will see the “Change PC Settings” click that to proceed

    then hover to the general settings tapos hanapin nyo yung “Advance Startup” and click Restart Now

    click restart and your Windows will reboot to another setup

    then choose troubleshoot

    choose the Advanced options

    then yung startup settings

    after rebooting this screen will show and you need to press number 7 to disable driver signature enforcement

    and once na mag boot yung Windows nyo you can now use your SP_Flashing tool Perfectly fine and it will detect now the driver be sure also to install the correct driver for the mt65xx chipset.

    and if this tutorial helps you please don’t hesitate to share this post , see you on my next post 🙂

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