How to fix feature image not showing WordPress Android app


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    How to fix feature image not showing WordPress Android app

    Finally my mobile blogging workflow is now complete with all my android app tools installed on my device I can now blog using just my smartphone or my tablet.

    I was searching for an android app that will help me blog, and the good thing WordPress has an open source app available in the Google play store.

    So I gave it a shot and it was really simple to use and you can connect it on your self hosted site.

    But there is just one missing feature that I badly need which is the “featured image”, all my blog post I always used it to showcase the topic of my post, I googled it and found out it was already a feature of the WordPress app since version 2.2 . I checked it out again on the latest build which is upon writing this past or was version 3.4. It really doesn’t show up which is really weird.

    So what I did is since it was available on the lower version I look for the APK just to check if it was really there.
    And luckily yes! The featured image was there since the earlier version.

    But the old version has an old UI and missing some other featured so after downloading and installing the walker version. I went to the Google play store and updated the app to the latest build.

    Surprisingly it fixed the issue of the missing featured image in the image gallery.

    So to download the earlier build first is you need to download the all called aptoide, one installed the app will be your downloader.

    Search for the WordPress and click the versions

    I coded the version 2.5 since it was already have that feature.

    Be sure to uninstall the new version first, or else it will not install the old version.

    One done installing login your account and upload an image and now you will see the featured image check box.

    After that you can now go back to the latest build by updating it via Google play store.

    And now you will see it fixed the issue which I think the developers didn’t notice this bug.
    If you install the latest build it will not show up, so you need to downgrade in order to fix this.

    Hopefully this will be fix on the next update so other users will no longer need to download the older versions just to fix this.

    And there you go that is the quick fix for there missing featured image. And by the way I blog using my smart phone plus using the Google keyboard for the gesture typing a faster way to type 🙂

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