How to fix External HDD not detected on Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph


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    How to fix External HDD not detected on Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph

    On my recent review of the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph I mentioned that in case you want to use an external hard disk / hard drive using the OTG cable is not possible because it lacks on voltage power.

    But the good news there is a way to fix it and make that work using a separate accessories called Octopus 7-Port USB Hub with Power Adapter which is available at CD-R King for only Php280.

    in the box includes the 7-port USB hub and the AC/DC adapter it’s a plug and play item so you really don’t need to worry about drivers.

    It’s not the perfect accessories for the Alpha Morph but its functional although quite bulky because of that octopus wires but as you can see I have plugged all my gadgets like Mouse, 1TB External HDD 3.0, charging my smartphone and inserting my USB’s. in terms of transfer rate Ext. HDD to morph took around 2mins for a 5gb of file with average speed of 36MBs.

    be sure to plug the AC/DC adapter or else your HDD drives that needs additional voltage power will not work, also in case your HDD is not detected try to insert it with the other USB cables like on my end sometimes it doesn’t detect with the other cables so I needed to plug it on the other sockets available.

    There you go that is a quick fix for the HDD problem for the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph I do just hope that CD-R King will release other versions of this item that is more portable than this octopus type.

    Post by Randolph Novino.

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