How to Download and Register Beats Music App in the Philippines


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    How to Download and Register Beats Music App in the Philippines

    Although Beats Music is already available in the Goolge Play Store and iTunes for download but sad to say if you are located in the Philippines you will still have no access on this service but don’t worry there is a quick work around and I’ll show you how.

    First is we need to download the Beats Music APK because as what I said if you will download it directly in the Google Play Store you will have access on it. Well I used the to download the apk but since the site is also limited in terms of download I will just provide the APK 🙂

    download apk

    After you downloaded the APK be sure to install it and next is we need to download the Hideman app a free VPN app the purpose of this is to mask our IP Address to other location like USA. so once you downloaded it just choose the United States as the primary country and click CONNECT.

    Now Open the Beat’s Music and SIGN-UP your account and be sure the hideman app is activated choose the email and not the social media icons to avoid conflicts, and after that you can now access the Beat’s Music 🙂 but take note this is just a 7 days free trial because Beats Music is a Paid service and it’s just a newly lunch service 🙂

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