How to backup your Android Apps (APK) without Rooting your Device


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    How to backup your Android Apps (APK) without Rooting your Device

    Here is a quick way to backup your APK using the app ES File Explorer, typically mediatek has a built-in backup and restore app on their devices which lets you do the job without even rooting your phone but for snapdragon smartphones usually it doesn’t have that feature but thankfully there is app like ES File Explorer that can also do a backup and restore for you so let’s get started.

    First is you need to download the ES File Explorer at the Google Play Store.

    Once you opened it up it will have a quick guide on how to use the app , after that simply swipe to the left side of the screen to see the menus and choose Library > Apps.

    and you will see it will go to the apps section, notice the tab is on the User Apps you can click that to choose other locations of your apps.

    on the history tab you can choose either User Apps, System Apps, Installed on Phone, Installed in SDCARD, Backed-up Apps or All APKS.

    for this example I selected User Apps which now shows all my user app installed apk, Now to back up the app you want simply select the icon you want and hold it for a couple of seconds and it will select it once you see the checked mark you can now select multiple items if you want to but for this example I just selected the Battery Guru by Snapdragon.

    and next is you need to click the backup button at the bottom part of the screen.

    once you have click that it will now backup the app that you have selected and it will popup a message that shows where it was saved but don’t worry if you can’t remember the location simply click again the tab and choose what location you want.

    you will see the Backed-up Apps and now the app that we selected a while ago is now saved on that folder , you can now simply select that and copy it to your other devices if you want to install it there.

    this is just want quick convenient way of backing-up your apps without rooting your phone there are lots of apps that can do this stuff but ES File Explorer is just one of them.

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