How to add a Website to Google Newsstand


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    How to add a Website to Google Newsstand

    Here is a tutorial on how to make your site appear on Google Newsstand, usually if your site is a blog or news site you might want to add to the newsstand since this gives another avenue for traffic and also reach for your audiences since we are now in the age of mobile, and base on metrics more than 50% of pinoyscreencast readers are on mobile so why not make it easy for them also to access your site for a better reading experience.

    First stop is to download the Google Newsstand in case you haven’t download link is below.

    [pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Google Play Newsstand’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

    Right now when you open the Google Newstand app you can search for your site in the search bar if you’re lucky you might get to see your site if it has registered it’s feed before but take note that is just the basic. There is a quick manual way to add your feed instantly by simply typing your URL feed in the search bar for example “”.

    and once you typed that you will see you can now add you site to the list by ticking the check circle mark.

    OK! that is the quick way but this time we are going to do the Long and standard way which make it more efficient in the long run since from here you can also monetize check the analytics of your content which you will see in a bit.

    First is to visit the Google newsstand producer . Then input the basic information I suggest doing this on a desktop since we’re going to add more relevant information later. In the editor settings be sure to input the Cover Image and Setup the Google Analytics, then proceed to the section where you will add you articles or RSS feeds and even YouTube feeds.

    Be sure to verify content ownership in the distribute section but don’t worry you will have warning in case you missed some required settings. and if you want to monetize from your newsstand all you need to do is go to the Ads section and link your adsense account, take note if you’re going to use a different adsense email account be sure to add it as a manager in the Grant Access section.

    Then just enable the ads and Publish your new Google Newsstand account.

    So be sure to subscribe also in our news for latest news and update.

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