How to Activate the New Gmail Tabbed Inbox


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    How to Activate the New Gmail Tabbed Inbox

    Recently this month Google rolled out the New Gmail Tabbed Feature where it organize your inbox to make viewing email as much easier than ever, and here’s how you can enable it manually on your Gmail account.

    First is you need to login to your Gmail account and Click the Gear Icon on the upper right corner of your screen and click the Configure Inbox.

    Once You have clicked that all you need to do is Select the tabs you want to be enabled and click save.

    and now wait for it to load and you will see that welcome screen on how to use the new Gmail Tabbed Interface 🙂

    and there you go the new Gmail Tabbed feature is now enabled on your account, if you can’t seems to find the configure inbox be sure to logout and clear our cache and then re-login and check it again.

    Not everyone will like this feature because it will separate all your emails on different sections on the tab but for me it works because I am a YouTube guy and usually I need to check comments and other stuffs related to it on on the old UI it seems it’s really hard to find because I usually do some filtering in order to find the social related post and I really want to separate it from my important emails , so that Is why I really love this new feature.

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