How to activate Free Facebook on Browser and App via Globe Network


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    How to activate Free Facebook on Browser and App via Globe Network

    Recently a blogger friend of mine Jam Ancheta posted about a free Facebook browsing on your Smart Phone. So here is the Tutorial on how to avail/activate it 😀

    First you need to disable your wifi because this will work on data connection only 3G/HSDPA+ connection.

    typically all devices now have a default APN for your Network so Select your Globe/TM sim card to activate it. take note that you don’t need to have a load to access this (base on my experienced).

    Next is you need to go to your favorite browser and type in and it will automatically redirect you to the mobile version of facebook. you will notice that there is a notification on the homescreen that you can browse or use facebook for free using Globe Telecom Network.

    as you can see you can also use the Facebook Messenger for Free base on the notification. one thing to check is your connection it is better for you to have a H+ on your signal for a better experience.

    be sure you are login before clicking the notification or else you will end up on a blank page, after that click the notification and you will be redirected to another page.

    and then you need to click the start button as what you see in the screenshot and it will redirect you on your newsfeed, once that showed it means you are now already activated and you can now close your browser and jump into your Facebook App or Facebook Messenger and Enjoy the free Facebook access brought to you by Globe. 😀

    Me browsing on Facebook App, take note that it may take time to load the whole images on your app so just be patient again it is FREE LOL! 😀


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