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Playground announced Intelligent HUB 6.0 a 6-port USB Charger and Car HUB 2.0

Playground just announced two new products the Intelligent HUB 6.0 and Car HUB 6.0. The Intelligent HUB 6.0 is a 6-port USB Charger similar with the recent Axgio Power Slot L6U

that I have feature. It has an Output of 5V — 12AMP Max also available in two colors which is the Black and White and it only cost Php1,290, It’s hard to find similar products like this locally since my Axgio Power Slot L6U can only be purchased at Amazon and if you import, It will cost you double. That’s why I’m glad that Playground have the similar product available locally. stay tune for my unboxing and review of this product soon. Aside from the Intelligent HUB they also announced the Car HUB 2.0 which is a Dual USB Car Charger that has an Output of DC5V 1AMP/2.1AMP and only cost Php249.

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Founder of Pinoyscreencast, started using YouTube as a medium to disseminate Filipino-spoken technical tutorials. He decided to embark on reviews focusing on affordable gadgets. As he kept sharing more content, his subscriber base grew and shared how his videos influenced them in making a product purchase.

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