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Easy Slideshow Creation using Flipagram App

It’s 2014! and there are lots of memory we want to share to our friends and family right, digital age has now lots of ways to easily share and reminisce all your joys have passed, well here is a cool app that you use in just minutes and share to your social media accounts.

Flipagram is a very easy to use app where you can easily create slideshow with your Photo’s or even on your Instagram Gallery, let me show you how

First is you need to download the app either on Google Play Store or Itunes

Once you open the app you will see choices of your moments its either Gallery or Instagram

Once done choosing from your Photos it will download it and generate the Slideshow

You can always add or delete anytime you want or also arange images and even crop it if you want

On the next settings you can add a bunch of stuffs you can either Add Music Auto Timing or do it manually and even add title text for your final video

Oh! you can also change the font style there are a bunch of fonts to choose also

and if you want a custom watermark and fonts you can purchase the app don’t worry it’s a one time fee only and its very affordable

You can choose Music from your Collection or you can find music online and use a 30sec preview or purchase it to add it on your collection also

Once done just hit the create button and your good to go and share it to the world 🙂

So there you go guys that’s how easy it is to use the flipagram one thing I really like about the app is the Instagram Integration which really makes the process much easier because sometimes there are photo moments that are not store on your Smartphone but rather it is uploaded on social media hopefully it will integrated more feature in the future like also adding additional filters for the final video.

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