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How to borrow a load from Smart Telecom aka “SOS Load” even without a load

We initially posted a similar topic but with the use of Globe SIM and we showed how to borrow a load from Globe. This time around since users are requesting for the SMART Telecom side here is a quick guide on how to borrow a load from SMART. Take note with smart not only Call and Text but also Internet browsing is available. Please do check the table down below for the exact keyword.

Subscribers can borrow up to Php15 for Call and Text or even Internet even without any load.

PriceHow toValidityReceived by subscriberP4Just dial *7671 day4 texts to SMART/TNTP5Just dial *75721 day5 texts to ALL NETWORKSP6.50Just dial *78711 day1 min call to SMART/TNTP7Text SOS<space>BIG7 and send to7676
Ex. SOS BIG71 day9 texts to Smart/TNTP10Text SOS<space>BIG10 and send to 7676
Ex. SOS BIG101 day10 texts to ALL NETWORKS + 3 texts to Smart/TNTP10Text SOS<space>SURF10 and send to 7676
1 hour20 minutes browsing + P1 airtime

Smart Bro Prepaid Subscribers can now borrow 20 minutes internet browsing!
Just text BRO<space>SURF10 and send to 7676.
Valid for 1 hour only!

PriceHow toValidityReceived by subscriberP10Text BRO<space>SURF10
and send to 76761 hour20 minutes browsing + P1 airtime

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