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If you are a Windows user you're probably doing this on a regular basis. Copying and pasting screenshot of your screen then sending it to you friends on messenger, viber, wechat, email or any sharing platform. 

Pressing CTRL + PRINT SCR KEYS will show a box to select the region of your screenshot. Then it automatically copy it to your clipboard, and you can now simply paste it anywhere.

On a MacOS platform it works different.

There are two methods on doing this.

First Method

Press and hold SHIFT + COMMAND(⌘) + 4 then the region selection will show up and before you select the part you want to screenshot you need to hold CONTROL (⌃) key. After the beep sound it will then copy it to clipboard, now you can paste it to your favorite browser or chat messenger.

Second Method

Press and hold SHIFT + COMMAND (⌘) + CONTROL (⌃) then press number 4 key and will show again the region selection, drag it to your desire position and once you hear the beep sound you can now paste it to any chat messenger.


If want whole screenshot do the same method but just change the number 4 to number 3 key.

There you have it that is a quick tip on how to copy and paste any images of screenshot on a Mac.


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