Official Winrar App for Android Now Available


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    Official Winrar App for Android Now Available

    Too Many files on your phone? why don’t you compress it using the RAR for Android , this is the official Winrar app for Android and the good thing it is FREE! if you are familiar in using the Winrar application on your Windows well it works the same thing you can put files on an archive, you can extract files and even compress to a very high settings.

    The App is very easy to use simply choose the file you want to compress and just select add to archive and if you want to extract a file you just simple click the icons on the app.

    the app is just 2.3mb so it is very portable and lightweight, some features of the app, set which type of compression you want it’s either .RAR , .ZIP or RAR 4.X, also on the advance settings you can choose how you want the file to be compress, there are lots of choices from normal compression to Best Compression.

    So now you really don’t need to worry of having cluttered files on your phone simply compress them so you can have more space on your phone storage or even on your SD Card Memory.

    You can download it at the Google Play Store for FREE!
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