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Yongnuo 50mm f/1.8 II a Canon 55mm Clone for only Php2,000

Yongnuo is well-known for selling Flashes for Photographers for a very low-cost product. But recently they added a new line of product like the popular 50mm f/f.8 lens for half the price of the original Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens that cost around Php4,000–4,500.

As you can see it’s very similar with the Canon Version both lenses feature a focusing distance of 0.45 meters, a minimum aperture of f/22, an angle of view of 46°. The Yongnuo lens is slightly larger and a tiny bit lighter than Canon’s lens (73x55mm vs 68.6×40.6mm and 120g vs 130g, respectively). Yongnuo price at $55 which is equivalent to Php2,400 or less.

Although the Lens is currently not yet available here in the Philippines or there are still no online seller the cost might still get higher due to added tax value. But hopefully this will be available soon a great alternative for starters who are on a tight budget. if you want to check a detailed review comparing to the Canon 50mm lens you better check it out at petapixel.

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Founder of Pinoyscreencast, started using YouTube as a medium to disseminate Filipino-spoken technical tutorials. He decided to embark on reviews focusing on affordable gadgets. As he kept sharing more content, his subscriber base grew and shared how his videos influenced them in making a product purchase.

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