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[VIDEO] CyanogenMod Installer still requires a PC to Install

CyanogenMod recently announced the One Click Installer that they about to release in the upcoming weeks, but to clear things up Geekout recently did a demo on the actual Installation process.

skip around 14:00 mark you will see that you still need to use a Desktop PC in order to follow the instructions to fully install the CyanogenMod on the demo Geek’s Russell Holly used the Google Nexus 7. He downloaded the Official CyanogenMod APK and then plug into the PC and followed the Desktop instruction

I am still not sure if this will work on any device but I am hoping it thus like for example Mediatek Smart Phones, if they will support that a lot of Rom Lovers will definitely switch to CyanogeMod, once they release this tool I will surely create a Tutorial on how to use this app on pinoyscreencast

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