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Promate launching a portable powerstation for only Php5,999

Remember the power station if have reviewed before? The Promate 240, a portable power station where it can charge and power devices on the go like Laptops , Smartphones and other electrical devices. If you haven’t watched my review i’ll linked it down below.

The Promate 240 is already a very helpful device to have when travelling or emergency breakout. but it’s bulky bringing it when hiking or travelling is really hassle since it’s heavy and quite huge unless putting it on a vehicle or just for indoor usage.

promate 120 (3)

Fast-forward Promate Philippines is releasing the Promate 120 a much more portable version of the Promate 240 but still having all the feature like USB Ports, AC Inverter, Solar Charger, LED Light, Car jump-starter and 12v ports.

promate 120 (1)

The great benefit of this is it’s more rugged and they slimmed it down only now having a dimension of 24..7 x 16.3 x 25cm and very light that only weighs 5kg that is a huge upgrade from the previous 13kg from the Promate 240. Also, I got some insights that they will also release a dedicated solar panel for the Promate 120, perfect for Travellers who doesn’t have any access in electricity and needs to charge their gadgets and important gears.

And the best part is its price it will only retail for only Php5,999. If you’re a traveller or a professional like me who are always on the go and needs to charge devices while out of nowhere well this is the perfect companion. Stay tuned for the review of this device and I will also compare it with the recent Promate 240 🙂

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