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Megabit and GigaBit Fiber Plans in the Philippine Comparison (PLDT,Globe,Sky,Now Internet,Converge)

We listed down below the available plans for PLDT, Globe, Sky Broadband, Converge and Now Network. As of the moment, they are the local telco providers that already have the highest fibr plans although we don’t have the pricing for some of them, but we still listed their offerings.

So far Globe offers the cheapest 1Gbps plan for just ₱9499 and PLDT the highest price for a whooping ₱50,000 for their 1Gbps plan, also take note that all of the plans listed here is for the residential connection.

Feel free to leave your comment down below on what are your thoughts with their pricing

Tattoo Platinum Home Broadband PlansMonthly Service Fee₱2499₱3499₱4499₱7499₱9499Maximum Speed50Mbps100Mbps200Mbps500Mbps1GbpsMonthly Data AllowanceUnlimitedPremium ContentHOOQSpotifyNBA LEAGUE PASS

PLDT Home FibrMonthly Service Fee₱3500₱5800₱8800₱20000₱50000Maximum Speed20Mbps50Mbps100Mbps200Mbps1GbpsMonthly Data AllowanceUnlimitedPremium ContentFREEFREEFREEFREEFREETriple Play PlusTriple Play PremierTriple Play PremierTriple Play UltimateTriple Play Ultimatewith 71 SD and 12 HDwith 78 SD and 16 HDwith 78 SD and 16 HDwith 86 SD and 27 HDwith 86 SD and 27 HDCignal TV ChannelsCignal TV ChannelsCignal TV ChannelsCignal TV ChannelsCignal TV Channels

Sky BroadbandMonthly Service Fee₱3999₱5999₱10999₱21999₱29999Maximum Speed25Mbps55Mbps112Mbps200Mbps300MbpsMonthly Data AllowanceUnlimitedPremium ContentHBO GoSky On Demand

Now Network InternetMonthly Service Fee?????????Maximum Speed5Mbps10Mbps15MbpsMonthly Data AllowanceUnlimitedPremium Content???

Coverge FTTX FiberMonthly Service Fee????????????Maximum Speed4Mbps10Mbps20Mbps50MbpsMonthly Data AllowanceUnlimitedPremium Content???

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