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Facebook New Graph Search for Mobile now lets your Search by Keyword on Newsfeed

Searching on Facebook has been really hard if you want to search for a certain content but finally Facebook rolled out the new search on newsfeed which Lets You Find Feed Posts By Keyword, let say you want to search for a specific keyword like “Best Android App” now if you type that on the new search box on Facebook mobile it will give you relevant content by people who shared the same content publicly and also with your friends, unfortunately this is only available for iOS user for now and who are in US. But Facebook will make it also available for Android users soon.

But you can visit the to try out the new feature, this was also my feature request before because it’s really hard to search on Facebook but I’m glad it’s becoming a reality now where searching is easier and more relevant on what you search. This will also mean a great impact for people who love sharing informative content which I myself is pretty much excited about this 🙂



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