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Digitaltutors is now offering Try for Free Account that let’s you watch Free Professional Videos

DigitalTutors is one of the best website to checkout if you want to Learn Professional CG, VFX, CAD & Digital Art Training. they work the same as the but the DigitalTutors Focus more on the 3D and VFX Trainings which is really an on-demand profession.

Professional CG, VFX, CAD & Digital Art Training

If you are into Film and Design this is the right website for you, the Pricing of the DigitalTutors is quite Pricey comparing to others but for sure you will learn a lot of things. they start at $45 for a monthly basis , $225 for a semi-annual and $399 for a whole year round.

But have you notice the “Try for Free” on the upper right corner of the website, well yes they are now offering a Free Account that let’s you watch some of the Complete Series for Free , although it is quite limited but it’s worth it on what you get on a Free Account like for this course if you want to start learning about After Effects which is really a very powerful tool. you can watch the “Getting Started with After Effects” and they offer a free 10 complete lessons.

As long as you see a text saying “Test Available” it means they have free videos to offer for you to watch 🙂

Well Sign up now for your Free account and start learning 🙂 Enjoy!

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